Snoring Prevention in Beaverton, OR

When it comes to ensuring a safe, restful night of sleep, we are dedicated to providing the best option possible, whether that be treatment with us or someone else. For people whose snoring is due to mild to moderate sleep apnea, a snore guard from Hillside Dental Care can be an effective, convenient option. Our Beaverton dentists provide different types of snore guards, all of which function by bringing the lower jaw forward, as well as the tongue, in order to un-obstruct the airway. For severe sleep apnea, referral to a sleep specialist may be necessary.

Snoring can be the result of several factors. Typically, snoring is caused by the relaxing of the muscles and soft tissues in the throat and mouth, making the air passage smaller. The decrease in space through the airway makes it harder for each breath to get through, and when it does get through, it moves over the soft tissues in the mouth and throat and causes a vibration that results in the snoring sound.

Symptoms of Snoring

Aside from the snoring itself, lack of sleep due to breathing problems can result in several conditions that can adversely affect your waking life:

  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Waking up at night short of breath
  • Snorting or choking sounds during the night (indicating a restart of breathing)
  • Headaches upon waking in the morning
  • Falling asleep unintentionally during the day
  • Extreme drowsiness throughout the day
  • High blood pressure
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

What is a snore guard?

If you snore at night, then a snore guard may represent a solution and a better night's sleep! A snore guard is a specially designed dental device that gently helps keep the lower jaw, or mandible, in a forward position, increasing the space between the airway passage, and helping you breathe better so you can get a full, quiet night's sleep. Our snore guards also stop the tongue from falling back over your windpipe. Drs. Elise Braxmeyer, Cristina Waterman and Gail Nakata will recommend a specific type of snore guard depending on your individual condition.

Is a snore guard comfortable?

The answer is simple — YES! A snore guard is made to be comfortable, so that you can sleep without even noticing you're wearing it. It does not prevent you from breathing with your mouth open and will even eliminate snoring for patients with sinus congestion or allergies. You may experience some slight stiffness of the jaw for the first few mornings after wearing the device, but this feeling is only temporary, and will go away after you wake up and remove the snore guard.

To learn more about snore guards, contact our Beaverton, OR dental practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Elise Braxmeyer, Dr. Cristina Waterman of Dr. Gail Nakata.

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