Hillside Dental Care: Discover How We Do Dentistry Differently

Welcome to Hillside Dental Care & Facial Aesthetics, where dentistry is not just a service but a unique experience tailored to you. As your trusted local dental practice in Beaverton, OR, we take pride in doing dentistry differently, focusing on communication and personalized care. Schedule your appointment with our team today and experience the difference yourself!

Communication: Core to Our Practice

From your initial visit, we prioritize open communication. We believe in talking with you and, more importantly, listening to you — your expectations, concerns, and personal history with dentistry matter to us. We are non-judgmental because we understand that each person's situation is unique. Feel free to ask questions, share past dental experiences, and let us know how we can make dental care work seamlessly for you. We're here to move mountains to ensure caring for your smile is a breeze!

Personalized Care for Every Smile

We recognize that understanding your needs is necessary to provide the best care. After thorough diagnostics, we design a treatment plan that addresses your dental health concerns, ensuring stable, functional, and beautiful results. During our discussions, we'll present recommendations, explore alternative options, and empower you to make informed decisions about your dental health.

Supportive Environment for Your Dental Journey

We acknowledge that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist, so we've created a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Your well-being is our priority, and we want you to know that you are heard, valued, and respected. If you need anything to make your visit easier, please let us know — we genuinely care and want to help.

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At Hillside Dental Care, we go above and beyond to make your dental experience exceptional. We're committed to moving mountains for your smile, providing a unique and comfortable experience every step of the way. Come and discover dentistry that revolves around you!

Ready to experience dentistry differently? Contact us today to schedule your dental appointment in Beaverton, and let your journey to a healthier, happier smile begin.

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