At Hillside Dental Care & Facial Aesthetics, we do more than fix teeth and beautify smiles — we care about you as an individual and want only the best for you! Dr. Elise Braxmeyer, Dr. Gwen Hryciw, and their team are proud to help our community achieve optimal oral health and keep those smiles bright and beautiful for life! Request an appointment today.

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We have served the Beaverton area for over 15 years, offering leading-edge, affordable family dentistry without cutting corners. As a patient-centered office, we customize treatment to your wishes, ensure you are comfortable, and attend to your expectations.

Our practice is quality-driven, always seeking new ways to better serve you. We believe you deserve a smile you love and think that achieving and maintaining that smile should be a worry-free, enjoyable part of your life.

  • Communication: Core to our practice is the belief that you should be an informed, active participant in caring for your oral health. Starting with the initial visit, we’ll spend time talking with and listening to you. We want to hear what it is that you expect, to understand your concerns, and to learn about you as a person. Please know we are non-judgmental and know that your situation is unique to you. Feel free to ask questions, tell us about prior dental experiences, and let us know what you need to make dental care work for you. We will move mountains to make caring for your smile a breeze!

  • Personalized Care: The better we understand who you are and what you are seeking, the better we can tailor treatment that works with your life. After initial diagnostics, we’ll design a treatment plan that addresses your dental health concerns and ensures stable, functional, and beautiful results. We will walk you through the proposed treatment, discuss what is recommended and why, review other treatment options, and answer your questions. Then, you decide how you would like to proceed.

  • Supportive Environment: We know that not everyone likes the thought of going to the dentist, and we strive to provide a safe, encouraging atmosphere where you relax and feel at ease. We want you to know you are heard, valued, and respected and that we put your well-being at the forefront. If there is ever anything you need to make a visit easier, please let us know — we care and want to help!


We invite you to join us at our Beaverton, OR, dental office for a complimentary consultation. Come and take a tour of our office, meet our knowledgeable and friendly team, and sit down to discuss how we can help you achieve a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. We look forward to getting to know you and becoming your partners in your oral health journey. Schedule your consultation today!

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